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Tuesday 12 - Friday 15 September 2017
Wrexham, North Wales, UK

Seventh International Conference on Internet Technologies & Applications


EERT 2017 – 5th International Workshop on Energy Efficient and Reconfigurable Transceivers (EERT): Towards Green 5G & Internet of Everything

Co-located with Sixth International Conference on Internet Technologies & Applications


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In the future communications will be pervasive in nature allowing users to access at the “touch of button” to attain any service, at any time, on any device. This requires a future handset design that is multi-mode in nature, with multiple air-interfaces, continuously scanning for available network to ensure a seamless service delivery. Beyond-3G and 4G applications paradigms have spurred extensive research into reconfigurable transceivers, and software-defined radios; two terms that go hand-in-hand to create a truly portable, ergonomically feasible and energy friendly mobile terminal. However, practical implementations of future handsets are still in their infancy and significant research challenges example the developments of 5G still lie ahead in terms of complete multi-standard integration in the baseband and RF front-end. This workshop targets some high quality research and practical case studies in the very active field of reconfigurable transceivers, and beyond that green networking to provide design recommendations for tomorrow’s ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) networks and handsets that will support a whole host of future services and e-applications with reduced energy cost. The scientific works presented here provide a step further toward overcoming the so called energy trap, which is seen by many as the next stumbling block in the migration towards and beyond the current systems. This workshop envisions contributions including different aspects on Energy Efficient Reconfigurable Transceivers and Green Networks. Prospective authors are invited to submit original and unpublished works on the following research topics, but not limited to:

  • MEMS filtering
  • Energy Efficient Power Amplifier Design
  • Reconfigurable Antennas and Matching Networks
  • Beam forming and beam steering antenna arrays.
  • Software Defined Radio and Reconfigurable Platforms
  • Energy Efficient baseband signal processing
  • Energy Efficient networking topologies
  • Cooperative and Cognitive Networks
  • Network Coding Cross-layer and cross-System optimization strategies for wireless multimedia
  • Short-Range Communications
  • Energy Efficient Radio Resource and Mobility Management
  • Device and system level modelling
  • Active Antennas
  • Integrated circuits and antennas
  • Systems Architectures and Applications


Organizing Committee


Technical Program Committee Chairs


Professor Raed A Abd-Alhameed

University of Bradford, UK


Professor Peter S Excell

Glyndwr University, Wrexham, UK


Professor Neil J McEwan

University of Bradford, UK


Dr. Jonathan Rodriguez

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal


Dr. Bashir Gwandu

Commonwealth ITU Group, UK


Dr. Mathias Fonkam 

American University of Nigeria  


Dr. Charles Nche  

American University of Nigeria


Dr. Issa Elfergani

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal


Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini

American University of Nigeria/Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal/University of Bradford, UK


Technical Committee members:


Prof S. Shepherd [UK]:

Prof H. Al-Ahmad [UAE]:

Prof Rami Qahwaji [UK]:

Prof Khalil Sayidmarie [IQ]:

Prof M.H. Bataineh [JD]:

Prof Kostas Voudouris [GR]:

Prof Irfan U Awan [UK]:

Prof Sayeh Elhabashi [LY]:

Prof A. Ghorbani [IR]:

Prof A.S. Abdallah [IQ]:

Dr A. Alhaddad [KAS]:

Dr Asmaa Hameed [IQ]:

Dr M. Mangoud [BH]:

Dr W. Rasheed [JD]:

Dr Fauzi Elmegri [UK]:

K. G. Samarah Al-Zoubi [JD]: kgsamarah@MUTAH.EDU.JO

Dr Ahmed Masri [PL]:

Dr Mathias Fonkam [NG]: 

Prof R.A. Abd-Alhameed [UK]:

Dr Yousef Dama [PL]:

Dr E. Elkhazmi [LY]:

Dr Haider M. AlSabbagh [IQ]:

Dr Charles Nche [NG]: 

Prof Peter S Excell [UK]:

Dr Jonathan Rodriguez [PT]:

Dr Bashir Gwandu [UK]:

Dr Zuhairiah B.Z. Abidin [MY]:

Dr M.J. Ngala [UK]:

Dr N.T. Ali [UAE]:

Dr Rozlan Alias [MY]:

Dr Issa Elfergani [PT]:

Dr J.M. Noras [UK]:

Dr Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini [PT]:

Dr C. H. See [UK]:

Dr Babagana Mustapha [NG]:

Dr D. Zhou [UK]:

Dr M. Usman [KSA]:

Dr Khairan N. Ramli [MY]:

Dr S.M.R. Jones [UK]:

Dr Ramzy alwaily [IQ]:

Dr H. S. Rajamani [UK]:

Dr E. A. Elkhazmi [LY]:

Dr Nedia Aouani [TN]:

Dr T. Sadeghpour [UK]:

Dr Musa M. Abusitta [UK]:

Dr Majid Alkambashi [OM]:

Dr S Adnan [UK]:

Mr M. B. Child [UK]:

Prof Adnane LATIF [MC]:

Prof. Mohamed Ksibi [TN]:;

Dr. Enis Erkel [TR]:

Mr. Andrea Pravato [IT]:

Dr. Metin Sezgin [TR]:

Prof Jame Katende [BW]

Prof Frank Ibikunle[BW]

Dr Federico Alimenti [IT]

Dr Rami Hikmat Fouad [JD]:

Dr M Bin-Melha [KAS]:


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